Precision Optics for sale and optics lenses

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Broadband thin film mirrors or dielectric laser mirrors are highly reflective over a wide wavelength range. Broadband dielectric mirrors are ideal for laser beam steering tasks where tunable laser sources or multi-laser systems are used.

These mirrors are characterized by a high degree of surface flatness, low scattering and can operate at wide angles of incidence of radiation. Dielectric coating provides longer life and durability when cleaned repeatedly without damage. ARO’s selection of broadband dielectric mirrors is the ideal solution for many of the most demanding broadband reflection applications.

Optics lenses: materials

Currently, organic materials for the production of optics lenses dominate the market. From a chemical point of view, these materials can be divided into three groups:

  • thermoplastics, which include polycarbonate and polyamides;
  • thermosets, which include most traditional plastics, including CR-39;
  • quasi-thermoplastics or quasi-ectoplasms, representatives of which are trivex and tribrid.

Optics lenses: use

Despite the huge variety of types, there are only two lenses in physics: convex and concave, or collecting and scattering lenses, respectively. A convex lens, that is, a collecting lens, has a much thinner edge than the middle. A cross-sectional collecting lens consists of two prisms connected by bases so that all rays passing through it converge to the center of the lens. In a concave lens, the edges, on the other hand, are always thicker than the middle.

Precision Optics for sale from ARO

Alpine optics is currently the most trusted supplier of optical lenses with a wide range of applications. The peculiarity is that we have a considerable production capacity, which not only allows us to produce standard optics, but also custom solutions for every company or customer. Thus, if you’re interested in a quality optics supplier you can always contact ARO or visit our website and order everything you want. Precision Optics for sale currently available on our website, so don’t miss this opportunity!