Power Si: the latest plant health product and how to use it

01.11.2023 18:04 | Категория: Загородный дом

Power Si is a modern product that is widely used in agriculture. It is a patented stabilized bioavailable silica. The product is designed to optimize the health of various crops and achieve a good harvest.

This product, which has no analogues and cannot be counterfeited, has become a real breakthrough in the use of silicon dioxide in agriculture.

The Secret Ingredient for Plant Growth

What makes powersi so unique? The answer lies in its patented silicic acid matrix. This matrix, embedded in the structure of the product, ensures the excellent ability of silica to be absorbed by plants as efficiently as possible. Power Si Original contains monosilicic acid, which is characterized by high bioavailability, as well as important micro- and macroelements. A powerful combination is also power si bloom, which guarantees optimal absorption and use of beneficial organisms and substances by plants. This provides incredibly fast and noticeable results for crops.

Reduced risk of nutrient salt accumulation

One of the key features of Power Si Original is its ability to reduce the accumulation of nutrient salts in soil and plants. This prevents crop dehydration and maintains the correct balance of nutrients. This process helps plants avoid stress and imbalance, which in turn promotes healthy growth and overall resilience. You can always get more information on the modernfarms.store. With this product, plants will receive the necessary protection from the harmful accumulation of nutrient salts and will flourish. The product also helps strengthen stems and grow stronger cell walls.

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