The agreed divorce between spouses: legal assistance of attorneys in Fort Collins

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Timely consultation with a family law attorney in fort collins will help prevent negative consequences when resolving family disputes.

We will help you:

  • dissolve the marriage in court (divorce);
  • to divide jointly acquired property upon divorce;
  • establish the fact of family relations, recognize the marriage as invalid;
  • draw up, conclude or terminate a marriage contract;
  • invalidate the marriage contract in whole or in some of its clauses;
  • deprive parental rights or adopt a child;
  • collect alimony for the child;
  • establish or challenge paternity;
  • determine the place of residence of the child, establish a schedule for communication with the child, etc.;
  • take the child abroad without the consent of the spouse;
  • resolve other family disputes.

Family troubles bring not only moral troubles but certain legal consequences. Divorce entails many legal events, such as division of property, determination of the place of residence of children, alimony, and other problems. Timely provision of legal assistance will help get rid of many unwanted consequences. A fort collins attorney will help resolve your family disputes and resolve any legal issues.


If you are expecting a divorce, our lawyers will help you solve some problems that you may have. Our fort collins divorce mediation attorney provide consultations, represent the interests of clients in court, draw up procedural documents, solve property, and other issues arising during and after divorce.

When a marriage is dissolved, the main issues are property relations and the determination of the child’s place of residence. Our experience will allow us to defend the interests of the client and resolve the dispute in his favor.


The payment of alimony and the evasion of the payment of alimony have been an urgent problem for many years. The rich experience of our legal experts will help you resolve this issue as well. We will determine the maximum possible amount of alimony, if necessary, we will collect alimony through the court.

Property division

One of the components of family disputes is the division of property acquired together in marriage. The spouses can divide such property regardless of the divorce proceedings. Many nuances will allow you to divide the property as profitably as possible. We will convince the court to abandon the principle of equality of arms in favor of the client, we will exclude the necessary property from the jointly acquired, we will achieve the maximum monetary compensation for the property to the client.

Determining the child’s place of residence

Almost every married couple has children, and when it comes to divorce, the question becomes who the children will be living with. If this problem cannot be resolved peacefully, then it is necessary to act through the courts. According to family law, both parents have equal rights to their children. However, we can collect several arguments that will give our client an advantage for the children to stay with him.

The professionalism of our lawyers will help resolve other issues as well.

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