Detox with honey: advantages and how to do

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Many toxic impurities can enter your body due to an unhealthy lifestyle or the daily pollution to which we are exposed.

These impurities can enter our body in the form of bacteria through external sources such as food and water. In addition, some of the impurities come from the body’s own processes in the form of by-products such as ammonia, lactic acid, etc. Thus, in order to protect your body from these toxicants, you need to practice the detoxification process of the body. In this process, there is a complete internal cleansing of the body, which helps to remove all toxins from the body. This process can be performed using healthy food. These methods have been practiced for centuries to maintain good health, for fix yellow hair, as well as for the treatment of chronic diseases.

How to use honey for detoxification?

Follow a 3-day detoxification program with honey to free your body from all toxic substances and feel fresh. You can always find out more information on the

On the first day, you can cleanse your body with cinnamon and honey in the morning. Mix one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of water. Boil this mixture in a saucepan and then drink it every morning.

Take 2 tablespoons of pure honey, mix it with water or tea and take it during the day when you feel hungry. Do not consume more than 200 grams of honey per day, which corresponds to 600 calories. Replace all your meals with honey and water or tea. Don’t eat any other food. Consume at least 9-10 glasses of liquid every day.

If you find it difficult to follow a 3-day honey detoxification program, you can add one meal a day, and the rest of the meals are entirely on honey-infused liquids. In this way, your skin gets better, your digestion improves, and you begin to experience positive emotions throughout the day.

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